Cathy Vos

Position title: Operations Associate


610 Walnut Street, 527 WARF
Madison, WI 53726

Cathy Vos

Cathy Vos is an operations associate at County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.

Prior to joining County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, she was a graphic designer at Knowledge Unlimited, an educational publisher. She earned her Graphic Design and Illustration degree at Madison College in 2017 after working for many years in finance and billing at TDS Telecom and Physicians Plus Insurance. Her roles included Senior Analyst, Billing & Enrollment Coordinator, Staff Accountant, and Associate Manager- Billing Services where Cathy supervised a team located in several states.

Cathy enjoys creating art in her home, using many mediums including paint, fabric and printing. She is also an avid outdoorsperson; hiking, backpacking and camping whenever the opportunity arises.