Erin Skalitzky

Position title: Evaluation Researcher


Phone: (608) 265-3519

Erin Skalitzky, MPH
UW Population Health Institute
610 Walnut Street, 989 WARF Building
Madison, WI 53726
(608) 265-3519

Headshot of Erin Skalitky

Erin Skalitzky is an Evaluation Researcher with the Institute’s Evaluation Research Group. Prior to joining the University of Wisconsin-Madison Population Health Institute, Erin received her Master of Public Health degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where her work focused on chronic disease prevention, including the evaluation of school wellness policies, FoodShare farmers’ market incentive programs, and community garden initiatives. At the Institute, Erin evaluates mental health, substance use, and school nutrition programs through quantitative and qualitative methods. Erin also holds a B.S. degree in Life Sciences Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where her interest in public health research translation and dissemination began.