Annie Rosemurgy

Position title: Narrative Coordinator, Tobacco Protection and Control Program at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Outreach Coordinator, Mobilizing Action Towards Community Health


Annie is a medical anthropologist who has doctoral level training in public health and anthropology field research and qualitative data collection and analysis. She has worked in academic settings and as a journalist. She currently works in a collaborative position between Mobilizing Action Towards Community Health (MATCH) and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services section of the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. Here, she focuses on providing training and technical assistance to partners throughout the state, building their capacity for leveraging transformative narratives in the field. She also works on building narrative capacity within the Institute on several projects, including the Mobilizing Communities for a Just Response (MC4JR) project. She is a strong believer that community health should be community led; she sees her work as facilitation toward community-driven narrative change from within.