James Lloyd

Position title: Program Technology Coordinator

Email: james.lloyd@chrr.wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 263-9310

James assists with communication and learning technology for County Health Rankings and Roadmaps.

James brings a background based in the use of computer technology for communication and education which have many aspects in common, such as accessibility. Accessibility is understood on some fundamental levels such as accommodating for language and sensory differences. At a more abstract level, accessibility is important in understanding if a technology is likely to be accepted and embraced by a community of users.

James began his journey with an interest in communication and earned a BS degree in Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He applied that education to work in film, video and multimedia production. While working as the web site manager for Promega, a biotechnology company, James was ready for a pivot and earned a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the UW-Madison School of Education with an emphasis on educational technology. James transitioned to develop just-in-time online training and several weekly webcast programs for the biotech employees. After seven years, James was ready for yet another pivot to apply learning and communication technology in human resources. James worked with the UW-Madison Office of Human Resources to develop online training to assist the transition to a newly independent human resources system – the result of a project known as HR Design.

Ironically, James has a passion for the technology of virtual worlds – admittedly the least accessible technology today. He volunteers to support multiple non-profit organizations in conducting events virtually. He is also a key organizer in support of the annual Open Simulator Community Conference. James is also technical director of two weekly web programs about virtual worlds, MBTV News and the Inworld Review.