Kim Gilhuly


Kim Gilhuly, MPH (University of California-Berkeley), leads projects to bring a health equity voice to policy and program implementation discussions, using research tools designed to insert data about health and equity into prospective policy decisions. In her early days at Human Impact Partners, Kim helped to build the field of health impact assessment (HIA) nationally. As the director and designer of the Health Instead Punishment program at Human Impact Partners, Kim partnered with formerly incarcerated people and other community organizing groups intent on decreasing the inordinate negative health impact that the punishment system in the United States has on Black people, people who are Indigenous in the U.S., other communities of color and people with lower incomes. Kim has researched and advocated for change on policy and planning issues that include affordable housing, transportation, land use, community health needs assessments, and more. In addition to her work with Human Impact Partners, she was a Fellow with the California Women’s Policy Institute, worked at the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts, and is a steady collaborator. She has lived on the east coast, west coast, and points in between. Currently Kim lives in Northern Michigan.