Andrea Jones

Position title: Policy Technical Assistance Coordinator


Phone: (608) 265-4842

540 WARF Building
610 Walnut St,
Madison WI 53726

Andrea is the Policy Technical Assistance Coordinator with UWM’s Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health (MATCH) group and the Department of Health Services Tobacco Control and Prevention Program (TPCP). Andrea recently moved back to the United States after living abroad for fifteen years in New Zealand and Canada.  Andrea has an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia and is currently finishing a Master of Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia. Before joining the Population Health Institute, Andrea worked for a decade in social justice organizing with a primary focus on climate justice, Indigenous solidarity, racial justice, and intersectional equity movements and issues.  Andrea has a deep love of long walks, longer bike rides, flowers, stars, Christmas lights, music, equity, trees, bacon, large bodies of water, jam sessions, people who get her jokes, board games, saunas, vaccines, and her flawless cat, Jack.