Robert Godfrey

Associate Researcher

Robert Godfrey, PhD
UW Population Health Institute
610 Walnut Street, 930 WARF Building
Madison, WI 53726

Headshot of Robert Godfrey

Robert is an Associate Researcher at the Population Health Institute where he serves in the Opioid Overdose Prevention Program of the Evaluation Research Group. He received his PhD in Health Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and MS in Public Communication from Syracuse University. His past research has been especially focused on the intersections between risk perceptions, trust, and values.

Prior to joining the Institute, Robert had an extensive background in project management for various agencies and groups performing survey planning and analysis, outreach, social media, public relations, grant writing, marketing, and advocacy strategies; with a focus on conveying diverse messages to extremely varied audiences in government, business and non-profit environments in multiple countries, in every medium. Locally, he has worked with the Wisconsin Research Design Center, the Center of Environmental Communication and Education Studies, and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.