Yasamin Aftahi

Position title: Outreach Coordinator, ENVISION Project

Email: aftahi@wisc.edu

Throughout her career, Yasamin has combined her love of language and her passion for equity to bring a human lens to her work in public health. She has worked with a range of organizations on initiatives connected to health equity. As the child of Iranian immigrants, she has a passion for making the world a better place for people from all walks of life, while learning about how different communities experience the social determinants of health in markedly different ways in the United States.

Yasamin holds an undergraduate degree in English. For graduate school, she attended the University of California San Diego where she earned a Master’s in International Affairs from the School of Global Policy and Strategy. As a policy analyst, she is trained to study how institutions and powerful actors make decisions, and leverage that to create systems level change towards a more equitable world. She has spent time working in the field in Tanzania where she assisted with grassroots efforts to educate about access to reusable sanitary pads and the connected between quality reproductive health education and school dropout rates. She is interested in the way the social safety net is changing and evolving as the way we work and live changes. Most recently she has worked to develop a community health worker program to address disparities in access to mental health care for Hispanic migrant workers, agricultural families, and the Amish and Mennonite communities in Central Wisconsin. Currently, she is the outreach coordinator for the Envision project, to provide technical assistance for CHWs connected to the COVID-19 pandemic response.