Angela Acker

Position title: Narrative Infrastructure Team Leader


Angela is the Narrative Infrastructure Team Leader at County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. This team’s work includes both internal implementation of narrative power across University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the external work through the Health Equity Narrative Infrastructure Project (HENIP), a collaboration between CHR&R and Human Impact Partners. HENIP strives to build and activate a broad network of health equity advocates through raised consciousness around narrative and power. Within this project, the team centers hope and facilitates an adaptive and technical muscle-building process that gears people and organizations to understand how narratives are actionable and strategic, a form of power, and applied across mechanisms and sectors. This team also navigates the evolving field of narrative through implementation, evaluation, and research.

Prior to this role, Angela was a program manager for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize at the UWPHI. She has also worked at the Governor’s Foundation for Health and Wellness as a Neighborhood Director and a local health department.

Residing in Memphis, TN with her husband and daughter, Angela builds capacity for and connects communities and organizations to build a world where everyone has what they need to thrive. She holds a Master of Public Health from University of Kentucky and a Bachelor of Arts from Vanderbilt University with a double major in English (Creative Writing) and Medicine, Health & Society.