Racism & Power

What You Can Do

Whether you are just getting started, or have been at this for a while, we invite you to join us in doing the work that is required to shape a racially just society.

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Sign-on to the Racism is a Public Health Crisis in Wisconsin Declaration

Join statewide partners in committing to actions individuals and organizations can take.

Commit to action personally to address racism as a public health crisis

As an individual, in order to address racism as a public health crisis, I will:

  • Engage in ongoing individual self-assessment, reflection, and acknowledgement regarding the role I play and the role I can play.
  • Share this information with my friends and colleagues.
  • Examine my networks and identify with whom I can work to create change with direct actions.
  • Seek out additional training to build an individual growth and learning plan.
  • Take the declaration to my organization.
  • Commit to self-work and self-care.

Commit to action as an organization to address racism as a public health crisis

As an organization or coalition, in order to address racism as a public health crisis, we will:

  • Publicly assert that racism is a public health crisis affecting our entire society.
  • Check out what your organization has committed to on the Organizational Signers and Actions List
  • Conduct an assessment of internal policy and procedures to ensure racial equity is a core element of our work.
  • Work to create an equity and justice oriented organization, with staff, and/or other stakeholders identifying specific activities to increase diversity and to incorporate anti-racism principles within leadership, staffing, and contracting.
  • Incorporate educational efforts to address and dismantle racism, expand understanding of racism, and how racism affects individual and population health.
  • Provide tools to engage actively and authentically with communities of color. Advocate for relevant policies that improve health in communities of color, and support local, state, and federal initiatives that advance social justice, while also encouraging individual advocacy to dismantle systematic racism.
  • Work to build alliances and partnerships with other appropriate organizations that are confronting racism and encourage partners and/or stakeholders to recognize racism as a public health crisis.
  • Allocate adequate financial and human resources to accomplish all selected activities

UWPHI has committed to all of these actions now and we strive to do more. We are challenging ourselves to address the root causes of poor health, by asking:

  • How are we creating or maintaining racial inequities, unintentionally or not, in our systems, policies, and practices?
  • What is the work we must do to realize the world we envision?
  • How are we holding ourselves accountable for the urgent change that is needed?

Learn More

Learn more about how we and others are working to begin, deepen and sustain efforts to ensure that health and racial equity are essential elements of a fair and just society