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Issue Briefs

Date/Issue Topic
March 2005
(Vol. 6, No. 1)
Improving Student Nutrition Through School Vending Machine Policies
December 2004
(Vol. 5, No. 9)
How Fast Can Wisconsin Become Healthier? A Framework for Setting State Health Objectives
November 2004
(Vol. 5, No. 8)
Should Schools Monitor Rate of Overweight and Obesity among Students in Wisconsin?
October 2004
(Vol. 5, No.7)
YPLL: A Summary Measure of Premature Mortality Used in Measuring the Health of Communities
Sept 2004
(Vol. 5, No. 6)
Using Air, Water & Lead Exposure as Measures of the Physical Environment: The Wisconsin County Health Ranking
August 2004
(Vol. 5, No. 5)
Cost-Sharing and Consumer Driven Purchasing, Part 2: Is There Promise for Cost Control?
August 2004
(Vol. 5, No. 4)
Cost-Sharing and Consumer Driven Purchasing, Part 1: The Economic Challenge to Consumers
May 2004
(Vol. 5, No. 3)
Consumer Health Literacy: Preparing for Changing Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities in Health and Health Care
April 2004
(Vol. 5, No. 2)
Wisconsin's Future Newborn Citizens: Potential Medicaid Cost Savings in Covering Immigrants' Prenatal Care
March 2004
(Vol.5, No. 1)
"Healthier Choices": Will Relief from Current Benefit Mandates Reduce Health Insurance Costs and Increase Coverage?
August 2003
(Vol. 4, No. 5)
An Ounce of Prevention: What Can Policymakers Do About the Obesity Epidemic
May 2003
(Vol. 4, No. 4)
Should We Keep Wisconsin's Physician Office Visit Data System?
April 2003
(Vol. 4, No. 3)
Tobacco Taxes: Implications for Public Health
March 2003
(Vol. 4, No. 2)
Considering Health Inequality
February 2003
(Vol. 4, No. 1)
Health Insurance Coverage Among Wisconsin's Dairy Farmers
November 2002
(Vol. 3, No. 6)
Addressing High Rates of Smoking During Pregnancy in Wisconsin
October 2002
(Vol. 3, No. 5)
Racial and Ethnic Data: Are they Reliable for Program and Policy Development?
June 2002
(Vol. 3, No. 4)
What Cost Health?
May 2002
(Vol. 3, No. 3)
The Wisconsin Collaborative Diabetes Quality Improvement Project: A Collaborative Success
February 2002
(Vol. 3, No. 2)
Why Did Wisconsin Fall in State Health Rankings?
January 2002
(Vol. 3, No. 1)
Translating Research into Practice: Wisconsin Public Health and Health Policy Institute
November 2001
(Vol. 2, No. 11)
Challenges for Healthcare Value Purchasing
October 2001
(Vol.2 , No.10)
Policy Choices in the Wisconsin 2001-03 Budget: Financing and Access
August 2001
(Vol.2 , No.9)
Will Wisconsin Have a Health Care Workforce to Meet Its Needs?
June 2001
(Vol.2 , No.8)
Dental Care Access in Wisconsin
May 2001
(Vol.1 , No. 7)
Will Wisconsin Have a Nursing Workforce to Meet Future Health Care Need?
January 2001
(Vol. 1, No. 6)
Who are the Uninsured in Wisconsin
November 2000
(Vol. 1, No.5 )
Defined Contributions: Future or Fad
October 2000
(Vol. 1, No. 4)
Racial Inequities in Health in Wisconsin
July 2000
(Vol. 1, No. 3)
Wisconsin's Collaborative Population Health Data Library
June 2000
(Vol. 1, No. 2)
How Expensive is Health Care In Wisconsin?
March 2000
(Vol. 1, No. 1)
Wisconsin's Uninsured Population: How Low--4% or 11.8%

Other Publications

Date/Issue Type Author(s) Title
November 2003 Technical Report Frey C,
Remington PL,
Austin D
Wisconsin's State Health Plan: Lessons Learned from Monitoring the Year 2000 Plan
October 2003
(Vol. 3, No. 2)
Working Paper Erickson JL,
Remington PL,
Peppard PE
Trends in Bariatric Surgery for Morbid Obesity in Wisconsin
October 2003
(Vol. 3, No. 1)
Working Paper Peppard PE,
Kindig DA,
Remington PL,
Riemer A,
Dranger E
Wisconsin Community Health Report Cards 2003
2003 Technical Report Siomos E,
Newsom RS,
Remington PL
2003 HMO HEDIS Report - Diabetes Data
May 2003 Technical Report Newsom RS Local Public Health Department, Performance Objectives Evaluation & Measurement (POEM)
December 2001 Technical Report Remington PL,
Frey C
Evaluation of State-Based Chronic Disease Epidemiology Placement Activity
May 2002 Technical Report Guend H,
Newsom RS,
Swallen K,
Lasker A,
Kindig DA
State Disability Adjusted Life Expectancy: Using Census Disability Data
2002 Technical Report UW Population Health Institute The Wisconsin Collaborative Diabetes Quality Improvement Project

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Date/Issue Journal Author(s) Title
Spring/Summer 2005 National AHEC Journal Friedsam D From Health Disparities to Knowledge Exchange: The Role of Community-Academic Partnerships
(Vol 93)
Am J Public Health Friedsam D,
Haug G,
Rust M,
Lake A
Tribal Benefits Counseling Program: Expanding Health Care Opportunities for Tribal Members
2002 Wisconsin Medical Journal Andersen LD,
Commons JL
Regional Variations in Coronary Heart Disease Mortality in Wisconsin, 1979-1998
2002 Wisconsin Medical Journal Dawson K,
Gordon BJ,
Guend A
Progress in Reducing Stroke Mortality in Wisconsin, 1984-1998
2002 Wisconsin Medical Journal Park H,
Safdar N,
Schmidt H
Decline in Mortality in Disease Among Whites and Blacks in Wisconsin 1979-1998
(Vol 26, No 12)
IHS Primary Care Provider Lake A,
Carufel R,
Friedsam D,
Reynolds P
Inter-Tribal Pharmacy Network: A Vehicle to Manage Pharmacy Costs and Improve Patient Care

Annual Reports

Graduate Student Posters and Presentations

Year Author Title
2007 Melissa Boeke Incorporating Measures of County-Level Health Policies and Programs into the Wisconsin County Health Rankings
2007 Sara Busarow Coming Together for Better Care: The Wisconsin Collaborative Diabetes Quality Improvement Project
2007 Anna Kocharian Monitoring the Risk of Binge Drinking in Childbearing-age Women
2007 Peter Vila Effect of the Work Environment on Physician Self-Prediction of Future Error
2006 Melissa Boeke Interpreting the Health Rankings for Menominee County
2006 Angela Kempf The Burden of Mortality in Wisconsin: Annual Excess Deaths
2006 Casey Schumann Wisconsin Trends in Pneumonia and Influenza Mortality, 1980-2003
2006 Kelly Stolzmann Predictors of Kidney Transplantation Among Persons with End-Stage Renal Disease in Wisconsin
2006 Melissa Umland Factors Associated with Maternal Smoking in Wisconsin and the United States, 2002
2006 Peter Vila The Wisconsin County Health Rankings: Important Determinants of Health in Wisconsin Counties
2006 Dan Zank Estimating Confidence Intervals Around Ranks: An Example From the Wisconsin County Health Rankings