University of Wisconsin–Madison

Technical Reports, Issue Briefs, Program and Policy Evaluations

This is a partial list and is continually being updated.


  • Kit Van Stelle and Janae Goodrich (September 2017). “Wisconsin Smart Defense Reporting, Analysis, and Mining Project (RAMP) Final Report of Project Implementation and Outcomes (2015-2017)” Collaboratively prepared by the WI State Public Defender’s Office (Michael Tobin, Katherine Dellenbach, and Chandru Solraj) and the University of WI Population Health Institute (Kit Van Stelle, Janae Goodrich) for the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance. Final ReportExecutive Summary.


  • Friedsam D, Leininger L, Voskuil, K. Evaluation of Medicaid Medical Homes for Pregnant Women in Southeast Wisconsin. Final Report. submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, March 6, 2016.
  • Jackson County Community Health Survey: Summary of Results Prepared by Linnan S, Lecoanet R.  March 2016.
  • Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success II: Final Evaluation Report Prepared by Linnan S, Tuholski B, Moberg DP.  September 2016.
  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Care and Treatment Services and Division of Public Health. Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drugs, 2016 (P-45718-6). Prepared by the Division of Care and Treatment Services, Division of Public Health, and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. November 2016.


  • Kit R. Van Stelle and Janae Goodrich (June 2015). “Evaluation of the Dane County Deferred Prosecution Child Abuse Initiative (DPCAI).” Dane County Wisconsin Racial Justice Improvement Project. Report to the American Bar Association in collaboration with the Dane County District Attorney’s Office and the Dane County Equity and Criminal Justice Council. Final Report. Final Report with Appendices.


  • Friedsam D, Burn ME, et al. Evaluation of Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Plus Health Coverage for Parents & Caretaker Adults and for Childless Adults, 2012 Waiver Provisions. Technical & Scientific Report and Executive Summary. Submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services on December 8, 2014.
  • Friedsam D.  Major Topics for Cross-Cutting Research: Effects of Medicaid Policy Variation. Paper and panel presentation at The Brookings Institution. Conference on Evolving a Research Strategy for the Affordable Care Act.  October 23, 2014.
  • Friedsam D, Kaplan T. Eskrich S. State-Level Field Network Study of the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act: Wisconsin. Rockefeller Institute of Government and the Brookings Institution. August 2014.
  • Kit R. Van Stelle, Janae Goodrich, and Stephanie Kroll. “Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) Participant Outcome Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Report (2007 – 2013).” July 2014. Report detailing seven years of TAD implementation, released in collaboration with the WI Department of Justice, the WI Department of Corrections, the WI Department of Health Services, and the Director of State Courts Office. Executive Summary. Full Report.

















  • Van Stelle, Kit R. and Michael Quirke.  “Monitoring Client Outcomes.”  Center for Health Policy and Program Evaluation publication. Madison: University of Wisconsin. 1995



  • Van Stelle, Kit R., Elizabeth Mauser, and D. Paul Moberg. “Evaluation of Wisconsin’s Treatment Alternative Programs (TAP).” Center for Health Policy and Program Evaluation Policy Paper 93-4. Madison: University of Wisconsin. 1993