Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State

In order to improve health, we must understand how healthy we are today. This in turn will guide in choosing priorities, implementing evidence-based strategies, evaluating existing policies and programs, and engaging partners across all sectors. The Making Wisconsin the Healthiest State project seeks to help us understand and improve health across Wisconsin -- where are we doing well? Where do we need to improve? Where should we focus? What works to improve health?

This project is supported by the Wisconsin Partnership Program, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, and has three primary aims:

  1. Measure, Assess and Report on Wisconsin’s Health and Health Disparities
  2. Support Local Efforts in Health Improvement
  3. Support Statewide Impact on Policy, Systems, and Environmental Changes for Health
    • Analyze common priorities in community health improvement plans across the state and share findings to connect communities working on common objectives.
    • Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin: a website dedicated to sharing information about hospitals’ and local health departments’ shared priorities for health, along with snapshots of their planned implementation strategies.
    • Engage business leaders to identify health improvement priorities and develop targeted materials to drive action by business to improve health.
    • Explore opportunities to support infrastructure investments for health by convening representatives of federal and local financial institutions with leaders in community health improvement.

Healthiest State Archived Materials

Project Leader: Karen Timberlake