Health System Performance & Transformation

The Health Policy Unit conducts consultancies and research projects in collaboration with partners in the public and private sector, focusing on quality, cost, and value in health care.

State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative: Development of Wisconsin’s State Health Improvement Plan
Leading and advising workgroups on population health, payment models, evaluation and measurement.

Wisconsin Collaborative for HealthCare Quality
Leadership Team for Aligning Forces for Quality

Wisconsin Health Information Organization
Analyzing emerging data from Wisconsin’s all-payer claims database, and participating on its data user advisory committee

Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform
Participating in workgroups to advance pilot payment reform initiatives.

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Leading the policy component to deploy the use of research in comparative effectiveness and outcomes for health systems improvement.

Medicaid Medical Homes for High Risk Pregnant Women in Southeast Wisconsin
Evaluation of Wisconsin’s Medicaid/BadgerCare HMO Pilot of Medical Homes for High Risk Pregnant Women in Southeast Wisconsin.


Wisconsin State Forum to Advance Healthy Communities: Bridging Health Care and Public Health

May 1, 2015
Fluno Center