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Looking at the Impact of a Public Health Care Expansion: Assessing the impact on health system capacity and cost-of-coverage expansion under health reform. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. September 22, 2014.

Evaluation of Wisconsin 2012 Federal Waiver Provisions Related to BadgerCare Coverage of Parents, Caretaker Adults, and Childless Adults

Evaluation of BadgerCare Core Plan for Adults without Dependent Children (“Childless Adults”)

Evaluation of Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Plus Health Care Coverage Program
Final Reports, December 2010

The UW Population Health Institute is evaluating Wisconsin's BadgerCare Plus health insurance program and reforms, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. BadgerCare Plus is Wisconsin's Medicaid and SCHIP programs, providing health insurance for most Wisconsin children and many low and middle income families.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded the UW Population Health Institute grants under two rounds of its State Health Access Reform Evaluation (SHARE) initiative. This funding has supported study of BadgerCare Plus enrollment, efficiency, and churning of covered members, and currently supports assessment of Core Plan utilization by childless adults and the predictive value of the health needs assessment.

The Institute previously conducted evaluation under Wisconsin’s State Health Access Program (SHAP) award from HRSA. DHS in 2013 procured from the Institute an evaluation of the changes that took effect under DHS Medicaid Efficiencies initiative. This includes

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