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Date: November 2005

Re: Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Involvement Scale (AADIS) and
Adolescent Drug Involvement Scale (ADIS)

To: Persons interested in using the ADIS or AADIS

From: D. Paul Moberg, Ph.D.
Deputy Director and Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute

Available at the left is the information needed to use the ADIS, AAIS, or AADIS as screening tools for adolescent substance abuse. The AADIS is the latest version of these tools, and includes both alcohol and other drug abuse as a “conjoint” screen. The AADIS was recently developed to avoid the duplication some screeners were experiencing as they used both Mayer and Filstead’s original AAIS (Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale, exclusively covering alcohol) and the ADIS (exclusively covering other drugs). My present recommendation is to use the AADIS rather than the ADIS as a screening tool.

Materials available on this site:

$ Interview Version of the AADIS, with scoring information incorporated
$ Survey Version of the AADIS (use same scoring as in interview version)
$ A paper providing a background summary and instructions for using the AADIS.
$ My 1991 article on the ADIS, which includes an appendix with the actual instrument and scoring information.
$ A 2001 Report By Ken Winters and colleagues summarizing results of a validation study of the AADIS when used in an interview format.
$ A reprint of my early article (1983) validating the parent instrument, the original alcohol-specific Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale (AAIS).

The ADIS and AADIS were derived from the AAIS, and were further developed and field tested using public funds, so I have been making them available without charge. Users have permission to reproduce the tools at no cost. However, I would appreciate identification of the tool on any reproduction, and citation of source in any articles/publications in which you might use it.

Finally, I am interested in any systematic assessment of the scale’s performance--validity and reliability–which you may carry out. I would also be interested in collaborating on further studies using the AADIS in survey format, particularly using independent clinical assessments to further validate the instrument. I am also very interested in feedback from the field regarding the utility of the tool. Please contact me  at or (608) 263-1304 if you have any feedback on the instrument.

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