Changes for 2010 County Health Rankings

Several changes have been made to the Rankings this year as a result of the expansion to all 50 states. Health Outcomes now include measures of physical and mental poor health days and a measure of birth outcome: low birthweight. Among Health Factors (Determinants), Wisconsin counties are now ranked on the smaller subset of measures that are available across all 50 states. However, the Wisconsin pages of the web site include most of the measures previously reported for Wisconsin counties.

Several new measures have also been added including access to healthy foods, liquor store density, and inadequate social support. Some minor changes in methods have been introduced as well as slight modifications to the weights for two of the major health factors (Health Behaviors and Clinical Care) and better methods to account for missing or unreliable data.

Finally, in previous years, Milwaukee City was included in the rankings of the Wisconsin County Health Rankings. Milwaukee City was not included in the ranked counties for Wisconsin, however, we will continue to report the data for Milwaukee City that was included in past Wisconsin County Health Rankings.