MATCH Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Salma Abadin

Action Researcher and Evaluator

Kristi Anderson

Network Development Lead & Community Coach

Jessi Corcoran

Narrative and Resource Development Coordinator

Victoria Faust

Action Research and Evaluator

Marjory Givens

UW Population Health Institute Associate Director

(608) 265-3992

Paula Tran Inzeo

Mobilizing Action Towards Community Health (MATCH) Director

P: (608) 890-2516 F: (608) 264-6404

Marcia Morales

Community Health Worker Network Coordinator

Carleigh Olson

Policy Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator

Maria Schirmer

Community Coach

(608) 265-6405

Sweta Shrestha

Fellowship Program Manager

(608) 262-6983

Lesley Wolf

Community Training Manager

(608) 265-2116

Ricardo Wynn

Capacity Building Coordinator