State Opioid Response 2 (SOR-2) Data Collection Resources

  • All SOR-2 funded clients will need a new SOR-2 intake/baseline GPRA completed. You must complete a baseline GPRA for all clients even if they previously completed a GPRA with SOR-1. SOR-2 restarts the GPRA timeline for all SOR clients.
  • There is a new required informed consent. All SOR-2 clients must understand and sign the informed consent. You must upload each client’s signed informed consent into REDCap and save it. Acceptable methods are on pg. 12 of the data collection manual.
  • For SOR-2, there is a $30 non-cash incentive for clients who complete the follow-up GPRA. Unlike SOR-1, there is no non-cash incentive included in the grant for the discharge GPRA.

For data collection questions, please continue to reach out to us at UWPHI: Aria ( and Erin ( For program, budget, or contract questions, please reach out to your DHS contract administrator.

SOR-2 Data Collection/GPRA Training and Technical Assistance Contacts

Name Role E-mail Phone
Erin Skalitzky GPRA Technical Assistance 608-265-3519
Aria Walsh-Felz GPRA Technical Assistance 608-265-4787
Name Role E-mail
Lori Wiebold SOR-2 data coordinator and PPS/MCI#/DHS data point person



Michelle Lund SOR-2 Contract Administrator



Dan Bizjak SOR-2 Contract Administrator


SOR-2 Data Collection Resources

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Instructional Videos

REDCap Instructional Videos:

GPRA Instructional Videos:

GPRA Paper Copies and Informed Consent

Data Collection Manual and Other Data Collection Tools

REDCap Resources

REDCap Log-In Page

Viewing and Responding to Queries (PDF)

REDCap GPRA Data Verification Common Errors (PDF)

How to Access and Interpret the Follow-up Report (PDF)

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