DHS-Based Faculty and Staff

Liz Adams

Position title: Substance Use Prevention Coordinator

Email: elizabeth.adams@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Lisa Bullard-Cawthorne

Position title: Overdose Data to Action Program Planning Coordinator

Email: lisa.bullardcawthorne@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Tim Connor

Position title: Mental Health Programs Evaluator

Email: Tim.Connor@wisconsin.gov

Kitt (Katherine) Drewiske

Position title: Late Adolescent Health Consultant

Email: katherine.drewiske@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Hannah Gjertson

Position title: Maternal Mortality Review Coordinator

Email: hgjertson@wisc.edu

Pamela Imm

Position title: Injury and Violence Prevention Epidemiologist

Email: Pamela.imm@wi.gov

Lataysha James

Position title: Community Outreach Consultant

Email: lataysha.james@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Emily Morian-Lozano

Position title: Maternal Mortality Review Epidemiologist

Email: emily.morianlozano@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Karen Morris

Position title: Maternal Mortality Review Record Abstractor

Email: KarenJ.Morris@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Ron Prince

Position title: Overdose Data to Action Epidemiologist

Email: Ronald.Prince@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Noelia Sayavedra

Position title: Opioid Harm Prevention Evaluation Consultant

Email: noelia.sayavedra@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Maggie Smith

Position title: Early Adolescent Health Consultant

Email: margaretj.smith@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Jennifer Tranmer

Position title: Overdose Data to Action Communications Specialist

Email: jennifer.tranmer@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Rachel Welsh

Position title: HIV Care Services Coordinator

Email: rachel.welsh@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Sara Wieczorek

Position title: Overdose Death Record Abstractor

Email: saraa.wieczorek@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Ricardo Wynn

Position title: HIV Capacity Building Coordinator

Email: ricardo.wynn@dhs.wi.gov