Background, Mission and Strategic Actions of the Institute

MISSION | We accelerate capacity to create equitable conditions for everyone to be healthy.

VISION | We work toward a world in which we value each other, honor our connectedness, and build communities where everyone can thrive.

VALUES | We value collaboration, integrity, excellence, innovation, inclusion, and courage.

Who We Are

We are national leaders promoting a shared understanding of the drivers of health equity.

Our team of 100+ staff has robust transdisciplinary experience equipping leaders with the tools and resources necessary to build equitable systems, structures, and policies.

We have a track record of developing organizational capacity to advance health equity and racial justice.

What We Do

We partner with community leaders across the U.S. and with sovereign Native nations to:

Produce data, evidence, applied research, and evaluation

Translate and disseminate knowledge about effective policy and programs

Provide training, technical assistance, and leadership development programs

Align and promote health and equity frameworks, narrative, strategies, and resources

Foster organizational capacity and infrastructure to advance health equity and racial justice.


  • Increased health equity skills and competencies of organizations and leaders
  • Increased use of data, evidence, evaluation, and research to inform decisions
  • Increased commitments to equity principles, values, and beliefs, through shared frameworks and narratives to guide work
  • Increased adoption of transformative narratives
  • Stronger collaborations and partnerships with people from different sectors, perspectives, and positions of power
  • Expanded networks of leaders acting collectively toward aligned health equity and racial justice goals
  • More equity-focused policies, programs, and practices are informed by data and evidence
  • More systems and organizations are monitoring progress toward health equity and racial justice goals