Ellie Holzhausen

Elizabeth Pollock Ellie Holzhausen received her B.S. in Mathematics, with a certificate in Computer Science, from UW-Madison in 2012. In addition to pursuing a PhD in Epidemiology with a focus on immunology, she is working as a project assistant for the Wisconsin Partnership Program-funded Obesity Prevention Initiative. She is currently focused on collaborating with the Survey of Health of Wisconsin to estimate state-wide obesity measures.

Prior to joining the Population Health program, Ellie worked in technical support for EHR software and is well-versed in topics surrounding EHR data and policy, as well as working with EHR data.

Contact Information

Ellie Holzhausen
UW Population Health Institute
610 Walnut Street, 707 WARF
Madison, WI 53726

Email: holzhausen@wisc.edu