Janae Goodrich, MA
Assistant Researcher

Janae GoodrichJanae Goodrich is an Assistant Researcher with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. She has a background in Sociology and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Grant Writing, Management and Evaluation from Concordia University-Chicago in December 2015.

She has worked on projects in several topical areas including drug treatment courts, mental health treatment courts, diversion programs, public defense delivery systems, mental health treatment, substance use treatment and prevention, mental health and substance use treatment for youth and young adults, and fetal alcohol syndrome. These projects have included collection of both qualitative and quantitative data, assistance with program development and improvement, database development, site visit and key stakeholder interviews, descriptive data analysis, linking with state and county agency administrative data systems, data security practices, and presentation of results. Before joining the UW Population Health Institute, Janae worked with AmeriCorps Preschools of Hope program helping prepare 4- and 5-year-olds for kindergarten.


Contact Information

Janae Goodrich
UW Population Health Institute
610 Walnut Street, 989 WARF
Madison, WI 53726

Phone: (608) 263-5029
Fax: (608) 263-5243
Email: jgoodrich@wisc.edu