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EBHPP Capitol Briefing: The Other Half of Health: How Where We Live, Work and Play Affects Our Well-being (Part III: Education)

Our health is not just driven by what happens in a doctor’s office, or by our habits and behaviors, but also by the conditions in which we live, grow, work, and learn. Collectively these are called social and environmental determinants of health, and include education, income, employment, family and social support, community safety, air and water quality, and housing and transit.

 The first session dealt with family and social support; the second session looked at housing. The next in the series, held in October 2019, addressed education, and included presentations on initiatives to address mental and behavioral health needs in rural schools, research and implementation of community school models, and tribal education initiatives and culturally-competent evaluation strategies.

Featuring presentations from…

Craig Albers
Co-Director, Rural Education Research and Implementation Center
Associate Professor, UW-Madison School of Education

Nicole Bowman
President, Bowman Performance Consulting
Culturally-Responsive Evaluation Specialist, WCER, UW-Madison School of Education

Carolee Dodge Francis
Director, American Indian Research and Education Center
Associate Professor, University of Nevada-Las Vegas School of Community Health Sciences

Annalee Good
Co-Director, Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative
Director, WCER Evaluation Clinic, UW-Madison School of Education

Armando Hernández
Assistant Director of Integrated Health, Madison Metropolitan School District

Karen Odegaard
Action Learning Coach, County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
UW Population Health Institute

Aronn Peterson
Community Schools Manager, Family, Youth and Community Engagement Department, Madison Metropolitan School District

Marlo Reeves
PhD Candidate, Education Policy Studies, UW-Madison School of Education

Teal VanLanen
Director of Improvement & Community Engagement, Algoma School District




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