Evidence-Based Health Policy Project Events

2019 Events

Current Crisis, Long-Term Questions: An Update on Vaping-Related Injuries and E-Cigarette Research
11/19/2019. Vaping-related injury has been a subject of great public concern and scrutiny in recent months. This briefing will cover the latest data on the vaping-related injury outbreak and current research on the broader health effects of e-cigarette usage. 

The Other Half of Health – Part III: Education
10/3/2019. This is the third session in an ongoing series of EBHPP Capitol Briefings examining social and environmental determinants of health. This session explores the intersection of education and health, and includes panelists from UW-Madison and local school districts. 

EBHPP Open House: Opioid and Other Substance Abuse
5/22/2019. The Opioid Crisis has generated great concern among legislators, public health officials, and the general public. This “open house” style event provided the opportunity for legislators, staff, and the general public to meet UW Madison researchers who are conducting research related to this topic, learn about their work, and discuss how they can better focus their research on issues relevant to Wisconsin communities. 

 Just the Facts: What the Evidence Says (and Doesn’t) About Medical Marijuana
3/19/2019. States across the country are implementing legislation on medical and recreational marijuana use, and local ballot initiatives in Wisconsin show support for discussion of the issue here. This EBHPP Capitol Briefing aimed to inform this discussion in Wisconsin by taking a look at what we know (and don’t know) about the health effects of cannabis, and a look at the implementation of these laws in other states.

Communities as Caregivers: Policies and Strategies for a Dementia-Friendly State
2/20/2019 – The Evidence-Based Health Policy Project hosted a Capitol Briefing on strategies to create aging- and dementia-friendly in Wisconsin. Panelists from the University of Wisconsin, along with state and local governments, discussed current data, programs, and policies for lawmakers and others to consider.

2018 Events

Preventing Suicide Among Youth and Young Adults: Programs and Policies in Wisconsin
12/12/2018. This briefing focused on on strategies to prevent suicide among youth and young adults in Wisconsin. Panelists from public, academic, and non-profit organizations discussed current data, programs, and policies for lawmakers and others to consider.

Community Health Expertise in the Coulee Region: How Are Local Groups Sharing What They Know?
7/25/2018. Every day across Wisconsin, groups in the public, private, and academic sectors work to improve the health of their communities. In the second annual program in the Evidence-Based Health Policy Project “local learning” series, organizations working to improve health in La Crosse share how they address local challenges.

The Other Half of Health – Part II: Housing
3/21/2018. This is the second session in an ongoing series of EBHPP Capitol Briefings examining social and environmental determinants of health. This session explores the intersection of housing and health, and includes panelists from UW-Madison, a well as local government and the private sector.

Right Providers in the Right Places: What Policies Support an Adequate Healthcare Workforce in Wisconsin?
2/21/2018.  This EBHPP  capitol briefing featured research and tools related to creating adequate support for the healthcare workforce in Wisconsin. The panel included speakers from a variety of specialties related to on ongoing research and evidence-based programming across the state.

2017 Events

The Other Half of Health – Part I: Family and Social Support
11/14/2017. This briefing is the first of an ongoing series examining social and environmental determinants of health. Local experts discussed research and community initiatives regarding families and social support, including information on what Wisconsin families look like today, current initiatives to build family and social support to improve health outcomes, and considerations for policymakers.

Preventing Falls Among Older Adults: What’s New and Emerging at UW? 
9/28/2017. This EBHPP Research Roundtable convened speakers from faculty and community partners at the UW-Madison Schools of Medicine and Public Health, Pharmacy, and Nursing, to present current and ongoing projects to address the problem of falls among older adults.

Community Health Expertise in the Fox Valley: How are Local Groups Sharing What They Know?
9/8/2017. In the first annual program in the “local learning” series, the Evidence-Based Health Policy Project (EBHPP) and six local groups convened at the UW-Fox Valley in Menasha to discuss the process of growing and sharing community health expertise in the Fox Valley.

Addressing Opioid Use: What’s New and Emerging in Wisconsin? 
3/1/2017. This brown-bag briefing featured emerging programs and research addressing opioid abuse in Wisconsin, including “smart policing” initiatives, mindfulness-based interventions for chronic pain, early misuse detection and intervention, and evaluations of programs in communities across the state.

Feeling the Squeeze: Prescription Drug Pricing Trends and State Policy Options
4/27/2017. Rising prescription drug costs affect state budgets and family finances, here in Wisconsin and nationwide. At this breakfast briefing, presenters discussed drug pricing trends, current efforts to contain costs, and options for state policymakers.

The Affordable Care Act and Medicaid: What Comes Next, and How Might the State Prepare? 
1/11/2017. At this Capitol Briefing, experts addressed key concerns for health policy, how states might respond to federal reforms, and where evidence can be used to continually inform the debate.

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2016 Events

Farmers, Eaters, and Legislators: The State Role in Food Systems and Nutrition Policy
12/14/2016. At this EBHPP breakfast briefing, experts presented research on how to effectively connect food producers to consumers, the link between those food systems and population health, and the effect on agricultural economies.

Evidence-Based Treatment (and Recovery) Programs for Opioid Addiction
4/28/2016. Experts presented research on the ongoing opioid epidemic, including a statistical portrait of the current epidemic, the science of addiction and how to treat it, the evolution of evidence-based addiction treatment programming at the Department of Corrections, and key factors for success across the continuum  of treatment and recovery.

Lyme, West Nile, and now Zika: Science, Surveillance, and Policy in Wisconsin
3/3/2016. At this Just-in-Time briefing event, presenters discussed the natural history and epidemiology of the Zika virus and research efforts to combat it. Presenters also discussed the prevalence and the surveillance of mosquito and tick-borne illnesses.

2015 Events

Health Care Hotspotting: How Providers, Payers, and Communities Can Save Money and Improve Health by Focusing Their Efforts. 
12/10/2015. Healthcare hotspotting is the strategic use of data to focus resources on a small subset of high-needs, high-cost patients. Experts discuss health care hotspotting in this morning briefing.

Shift Your Perspective: Population-Based Approaches to Children’s Mental Health
10/29/2015. Many children’s mental health needs are unrecognized or inadequately addressed. This briefing highlights programs and policies that challenge us to shift our perspective on this issue from mental “illness” to mental “health” and will move beyond the need to expand access to mental health therapies to population-based efforts to create safe, stable, nurturing families and communities.

Social Impact Bonds/Pay for Success in Health: A New Tool to Address Social Problems (May 20, 2015)

Spring 2015 State Forum (May 21, 2015)

E-Cigarettes: An Update on the Science (April 15, 2015)

Opioid Abuse in Wisconsin: State Policy, Naloxone, and Prescribing Practice (February 18, 2015)

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